The Sand Reckoner is a work by Archimedes (287-212 BC, Syracuse) in which he set out to determine the number of grains of sand that fit into the universe. Please join me in my search for memorable ideas, words and images. How many photos do you think are in the universe?

"Eureka! I have found it!" ~ Archimedes 

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New England 1979

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Created 16-Apr-18
Modified 16-Apr-18
New England 1979

Nordic Center

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Created 2-Mar-18
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Nordic Center

Other places

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Created 28-Feb-18
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Locavore Farm Kids Benefit

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Created 8-Feb-18
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Locavore Farm Kids Benefit


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Created 14-Dec-17
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Death Valley 2017

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Created 22-Nov-17
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Death Valley 2017

Halloween Cross Crusade 2017

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Created 3-Nov-17
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Halloween Cross Crusade 2017

Andrews 2017

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Created 9-Oct-17
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Andrews 2017

Guestbook for Nils Eddy
Lizzie Smith(non-registered)
This is a very interesting Niks. thanks for the cool photos
Stu Garrett(non-registered)
Nice work, Nils!
Jerry Barnes(non-registered)
This is really cool Nils!
Jerre Kosta Dodson - Dancing Cow Farm - 20 year Veteran Pro - Photograher(non-registered)
Nils, I am totally impressed with everything I looked at. The next time I cross your path, I'd like to talk.
Nice photos Nils. Candi said she could hear the shutter click on some of them. She is impressed with the Sunrise photos.